For too long our government has been controlled by an oligarchy of corporate injustice. The people deserve change. They deserve a candidate who embodies decency, honor, and fairness. They deserve a representative who speaks to the community’s wants and needs. They deserve Edward Salinas, running for US Congress in 2008.

Born to Mexican immigrants in East Los Angeles, Salinas has endured the struggles, hardships, and triumphs of life as an American citizen. Rising from the depths of immense poverty, he quickly vowed to better the quality of life within every single social strata of our society. Salinas put himself through college by age 18, and was soon honored as a National Merit Scholar. He eventually graduated UCLA Law summa cum laude. Barely in his mid-twenties, Edward Salinas had a meteoric rise to success in the LA District Attorney’s Office. He became renowned for his dedication to hard work and integrity as the prosecution’s most coveted ADA, tough on crime and unbeatable in the courtroom. Shortly after he was made District Attorney by age 37, he was elected to city council. Now, he plans to continue his stellar career in Congress.

But why vote for him? Because Edward Salinas embodies an undeniable truth embedded within this great nation’s fundamental ideal: regardless of age, race, creed, color, economic or social standing, any goal is achievable. He’s a family man, supported by his loving wife, Mira, and two children. He is a man who understands that without equality there is no justice. That without the input of the people there is no significant progress. If elected, he is a man who intends to enforce his now ubiquitous campaign slogan to the fullest degree.